Dear Citizens,

Welcome to this dedicated website for the second stage public consultation on healthcare reform. We invite you to browse through it for information on the proposals and action plans for taking forward healthcare reform.

On 6 October 2010, we published a consultation document, entitled "My Health My Choice", to seek views from the community on our proposals to set up a voluntary and government-regulated Health Protection Scheme. The three-month consultation period, ending on 7 January 2011, was fruitful and productive, with 564 written submissions, both organizations and individuals, sharing with us their valuable views and suggestions on the general direction of healthcare reform as well as details of the Health Protection Scheme.

These submissions, together with the findings of opinion surveys and studies we have commissioned in parallel, have provided us with much food for thought, and laid a strong foundation for us to move ahead. On 11 July 2011, we published the consultation report on the outcome of the second stage public consultation and the way forward for the Health Protection Scheme. Our next challenge is to take forward the Health Protection Scheme through a solid and practical action plan for achieving its objectives and bringing more benefits to the community.

Healthcare reform, as we have stressed time and again, must be built on the strength of our existing health system, while striving to meet the evolving aspirations of the community. A robust public healthcare system providing essential healthcare to those in need and serving as a safety net for the whole population must and will remain the cornerstone of our healthcare system. At the same time, we have to complement the public system with a vibrant and competitive private sector that provides value-for-money choices and quality-assured services to the community.

Healthcare reform is an on-going and evolving process. The sustainable development of our healthcare system requires the collaboration among different sectors of the community. We look forward to joining hands with you to shape and build up the future of our healthcare system.

Food and Health Bureau
July 2011